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Marina Mindelo


There are not many places left in the world where a yachtsman can still be at one with nature. One of these places is Cape Verde - 15 islands and only 9 of them populated. Till now, there were no adequate docks or Marinas available - but this has changed. Since the end of October 2007 the first fully equipped marina in Cape Verde is ready.

Located in Mindelo on the island of Sao Vicente, this first marina of Cape Verde is a haven for yachtsmen offering a sheltered position with plenty of on-site services.

Constructed just in front of the old town of Mindelo, the capital of Sao Vicente, the Marina is able to host more than 140 boats, with up to 50m length and 4.5m draft. All the facilities one expects of a state-of-the-art Marina are be available including gas, diesel, water, electricity and a floating Bar & Bistro.

Berths are available from daily rents up to long-term leases. Prices and Tariffs for long term leases are about 50% of the comparable Marinas in the Mediterranean or Canary Islands.

Access to the marina is via the restored CAIS ALFANDEGA (the old customs jetty), which belongs to the Marina Mindelo, allowing unrestricted movement in and out of the marina independent from low or high tide



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