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Wellcome ARC+

Marina Mindelo is very happy to receive Again ARC+ with 93 yachts


Arc+ / Rally Illes du Soleil / VIKING Explorers:

Marina Mindelo's story is tied to sailing regattas and competitions. Marina Mindelo's foundation was actually started by the Cape Verdean government in 2004 after a French race organizer (MINI-TRANSAT) asked if Cape Verde would provide professional marina facilities for the ever-growing transatlantic races. Cape Verde is located at the crossroads of regattas and transantlantic world races.

ARC +: The local St. Vincent company is more than happy with these annual visits, because there is an intensive sub-program for ARC + teams, such as excursions to Santo Antao, cultural programs, the big event. awarding prizes to the participants of the regatta (this in Belém Tower), cooking events with Aldeias SOS, Dinners together etc. Also hotels, buses and taxis benefit greatly from the needs of 420 crew on board the 102 yachts.

Rally Illes du Soleil: As of 2018, the Soilei Iles Rallye will be back with 25 yachts, also in November 2019.

VIKING Explorers: is also coming for the 2nd time since 2018 with 20 yachts. Viking is managed by a former captain of a previous ARC + participant.


Feastival - Kavala Fresk 13/07/2019

Marina Mindelo is happy to become part and help the event " Kavala Fresk Feastival "

""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" ARC+ / Rally Des Iles Du Soleil 2018

It is great pleasure to receive for the sixth time Arc+ and Rally Des Iles Du Soleil

""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" Marina Mindelo Video


ARC+ 2017 and Island Odyssey / Caribbean Odyssey (Cornell Sailing)

ARC - For the 5th time, ARC+ 2017 will come to us, this time they announce 78 yachts. They will moor in our Marina Mindelo from November 10 to 15, 2017 and set sail on the 15th at 12h for their Transocean regatta. This is good for the entire city of Mindelo and for the economy of Sao Vicente. Marina Mindelo will give them a big welcome party with drummers and dancers on our Cais de Alfandega on 12 November.

CORNELL SAILING – ISLAND ODYSSEY are again with Marina Mindelo in 2017, this time with 2 regattas, the first from November 1st to November 4th, thereafter they will do an Island sailing through the archipelago of Cape Verde and return on the 16th. They will meet the second Cornell sailing regatta, the CARIBBEAN ODYSEEY between 16th and 20st of November. Then they will start altogether with 24 yachts to the transatlantic regatta to Barbados, Caribe.

We will do our traditional welcome and farwell parties with them ….. meanwhile famous within the sailing world.

""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" Kamaxitha

Royal Huisman's 55 metre ketch Kamaxitha combines classic and contemporary design She visited us on February 7, 2015. Largest sailing yacht ever in our marina:


Regattas ARC & Cornell Sailing

ARC - For the 4th consecutive year, ARC 2016+ will have an extra start from mindelo. We are happy to host ARC 2016 with 65 yachts again and welcome all sailors in our ´capeverdian´ way

CORNELL SAILING - Barbedos 50, a rally organized and managed by the famous Jimmy Cornell, will cal Marina Mindelo in October 2016 with 50 yachts. The will participate in the 50th anniversary of independence of Barbedos in November 2016 Welcome to all participants in our Marina in Mindelo.


Published 28th May 2014 on www.zeilen.nl

Nice insight into an experience here in Marina Mindelo and Sao Vicente Island (in Dutch)


Open Sandy 2013

Marina Mindelo was a one of the proud companies to sponsor "Open Sandy 2013" here in Sao Vicente, one of the most important surf events of Cape Verde

Video: Bob Lima
Organization: SkiboSurf


Feastival - Kavala Fresk

Marina Mindelo is happy to become part of the event " Kavala Fresk Feastival "


World Cruising Club ARC+

Marina Mindelo is happy to become part of the new, alternative " ARC+ " route launched by the World Cruising Club:


Alzerina Fashion

Marina Mindelo as one of the sponsors for Alzerina fashion show at Praia Cabo Verde:


Ondeck Adventure

The 2010 -  start of the transatlantic race ´ONDECK ADVENTURE´ from the Marina in Mindelo to Barbedos in the Caribbean. There were in total 50 crew menbers on the 4 yachts. They had a wonderful time of 8 days in Mindelo and left November 8th.


Pink Gin

The first yacht over 45 m length in Marina Mindelo was Ping Gin, February 2008.


Hernani Almeida

Hernani, one of the best musicians of Cape Verde, performed our first
Marina Mindelo Concert with his band. on the pier on the 28th of November 2009. It was a great event,the pier was full of listeners



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